TAX Returns

Self Assessment (SA100):

Self-assessment tax filing is demanded for freelancers, sole traders and partners. It is also applicable for employees who have additional income from other sources: property rentals, stocks and shares.

We file our clients’ tax returns online well ahead of the filing deadline of 31 January. Failure to submit self-assessment tax returns by the filing deadline incur penalties of £100.00, a needless expense.


CIS Tax Return (SA100): 

If you are working in the Construction Industry Scheme and have tax deducted directly from your sales invoices, we can work out your annual CIS repayment and liaise with H M Revenue and Customs for the refund to be processed.

We will maximise the available tax repayment within the HMRC rules and file online which brings faster issuing of repayments. We only require settlement of our fees on issue of the repayment – our fees are normally settled by deduction from the CIS repayment.

Corporation Tax Return (CT600): 

All active UK limited companies (and some dormant ones) must file corporation tax returns, typically, every year. As a company director or shareholder, you will want to make sure your company tax return is filed properly and on time, which will enable your company to meet its legal obligations and avoid late penalties.
You will also want your company tax return to make the most of any allowances and choices you can make to minimise your total corporation tax liability.

Partnership Tax Return (SA800):

A partnership tax return is required to aid assessment of the individual partners. All partnerships are required to complete and file a partnership tax return to aid the assessment of the members of the partnership, including any corporate members.
The notice to file a tax return requires a return of information reasonably required to establish the amounts in which each partner is chargeable to income tax or corporation tax and the amount of income tax payable. The amount of tax chargeable is a net amount so takes into account any relief or allowance for which a claim is made by the partnership. The amount of income tax payable is also a net figure and takes account of any income tax deducted at source and any tax credits.